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Shift for Teams: Onboarding Your New Team

 Welcome to Shift for Teams!

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, startup, or a global enterprise you can use this article to learn how to onboard your team to Shift.

Start by downloading Shift and set up your administrator account

1. Download Shift here. 🙌

2. Create your first Shift account.

If you already have a Shift account, just make sure you are logged in. 🔓

Use your work email or your personal email, but remember, the email you use to sign up for Shift is your "primary Shift account". It is the email you use to log in and out of your account and where all your billing information will be sent to. 

3. Upgrade your account to Shift Advanced.

Use the credit card you want to use for your entire team's account. You can upgrade your account in your Shift Settings.

By upgrading your own account first, you open up the ability to add a team to your account. 

The credit card used to upgrade your account initially will be charged when you add new team members. Please make sure to use your company credit card, unless you are personally paying for your team member's accounts or are expensing Shift for Teams on your personal card. 

Add your first Team member

1. To add a team member, open Shift and click on the Services menu (3 dots in the bottom left-hand corner of Shift). Click on Settings > Teams.

2. Click on Invite your Team. 

3. Click on "Purchase" to add your next team members.

4. Select the number of licenses you would like to purchase. Each of your team members who will be using Shift requires their own license. 

For example, if I have 5 colleagues who will be using Shift, including myself, I would add 4 more lisences for a total of 5 including myself. 

We do not recommend sharing Shift accounts between multiple people for security reasons and for ease of use. 

5. Confirm your credit card and the number of licenses. 

Purchase your new licenses

Once your licenses have been purchased, you can click on the link to manage your team and invite new team members. 

Add the primary email address of your team members and invite them to join.

Shift currently supports Gmail, Gsuite, Office 365, and emails as the primary Shift email.

Please do not send invitations to team members using Exchange, privately hosted email, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail, etc. Once in Shift, you can add other email accounts, but only Gmail and emails can operate as the primary email. 

After you invite a team member, they will receive an email from you in their primary Shift email inbox that tells them how to get started with Shift. 💌

Make sure your team member creates their Shift account with the email address that you send the invite to. 

If they are logged in with a different email as their Primary Shift Account, have them log out of Shift and log back in with the email that the invitation was sent to. 

Congratulations, you have set up your new team! 

If you are the team administrator, you'll be able to manage your team, add and remove seats, and manage billing at any time. 

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  • 04-Aug-2020