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Getting Started with Shift for Teams
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Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, startup, or a global enterprise you can use this article to learn how to onboard your team to Shift.


Shift for Teams offers an easy way to manage team licenses and provides you with unified billing. No more chasing down your team members' expenses!


Each Shift team has 2 roles; Admin and Member. The Admin is the team's main point of contact for all account and billing-related issues. Members who might have any questions or technical issues are encouraged to reach out to support directly for the most effective service.


  Member Admin
Shift Advanced features (unlimited emails and apps, extensions, unified search, Mute Notifications, etc.)

Access to Team Dashboard

Ability to purchase and manage Team licenses

Main point of contact for account and billing questions


To get started with onboarding your new team in Shift, follow the easy steps below:


  1. Determine your team Admin
  2. Admin to create a new Shift account and upgrade to Shift Advanced
  3. After upgrading, head into Options (lower left corner) > Settings > Teams > click "Invite your Team"
  4. Purchase additional licenses by clicking on "Purchase" and then selecting the number of additional licenses needed for your team members
  5. After purchasing, type in your team member's email, and click "Invite Team Member"

Your team member will receive an invite email from Have your team member(s) click on the blue Join Team button in the email and then fully close and reload their Shift to register the upgrade to your team.

Ensure you only send invites to a supported email type i.e. Gmail, GSuite, Outlook or Office 365. Unsupported emails, such as Exchange or privately hosted emails will not work.


The credit card you used to purchase Shift with initially will be the credit card that gets charged for any additional team licenses you purchase. You can upgrade your credit card information in your Shift Settings.



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