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One of our favorite Advanced features is having the ability to add applications to Shift. Email still rules, but apps are awesome additions to productivity mastery. 


So, we have added one free application to all our Shift Basic account!


How to Add an Application


Just open Shift, and click on the square "+" icon a the bottom of your sidebar. Click on "Add Application" and you'll find the entire Shift application directory at your fingertips. 


You can search across over one thousand applications to find the perfect one. Remember to choose wisely! Shift Basic includes one free application. 


If you'd like to add more that one application, upgrading to Shift Advanced will let you add unlimited applications to your Shift account. 


Help! I added the wrong application


To add a different app, simply delete all the apps from your sidebar, then start fresh by adding the app you desire through the application directory. 


You can delete apps by right-clicking on their icon in your Shift sidebar and selecting "Delete". This will free up space for a new app. 


If you have more than one application in your sidebar, only one will be available to you. 


We recommend only having one app in your sidebar at a time if you have a Basic account. 


Have fun with your new application!

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