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Unified Search lets you search for content across all of your Mail, Calendar, and Drive accounts to locate the information you need, right away. You can find Unified Search is the 'magnifying glass' icon at the top-left corner of Shift. 


Unified Search does not include searches across Apps.


How does the Unified Search work

Search Bar: When you click on the unified search icon, it displays a search bar on the screen.


Customize Your Search: On the search bar, you will notice a downward-facing arrow. Click on it to customize your search.


Types of Customizations: The unified search offers two customizations:


  1.  Filter your search based on inclusion/exclusion of certain email, drive, and/or calendar accounts.
  2. Additional filters for...
    • Mail: 'Include/Exclude Words', 'From/To', 'Subject', and 'Includes Attachment'
    • Calendar: 'What/Who/Where' and 'Date'
    • Drive: 'Include Words', 'Type', 'Name', 'Shared With', and 'In Trash' or 'Starred'


Search Results: The search results are organized by account and separated according to file type: Mail, Calendar, or Drive.


Results View: There are two ways to view the results:

  1. Collapsed: A mini left-leaning results pane
  2. Expanded: A full-screen results window



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