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Shift for Teams pricing and subscriptions
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Shift for Teams offers an easier way to manage your team's subscriptions to Shift. Each team Admin has access to a Teams Dashboard directly in Shift to purchase additional licenses and manage existing licenses and the members who fill them ✨

To learn about how to set up a new Team, check out this article.


Pricing breakdown

Check the latest Shift for Teams pricing here.


Shift for Teams is charged annually (not monthly), so you and your team benefit from an entire year of Shift.

If you signed up for Shift previously with your personal credit card, please make sure you change the billing details to your company card prior to adding additional team members. Learn how here.


Any additional licenses purchased after the Admin's original purchase date will be charged immediately on the Admin's credit card on file for a prorated amount. For example, if the Admin wants to add additional team members 3 months after starting their own subscription, the newly added licenses will be billed only for the days remaining between today's purchase date and the original purchase date (the Team's annual renewal date).


For example: the Team Admin purchased a license for themselves on March 1st. On June 1st of the same year, the Admin purchases 1 additional license. The amount charged on June1st will be: ($the price for an additional team member)/365 x 273, the number of days between June 1st and March 1st of the following year)


On the renewal date, March 1st of the following year, the renewal amount will be the price per member x the number of members


Manage the number of licenses you want to renew

If you'd like to decrease the number of licenses before your Team's next annual renewal date, please get in touch with our support team.


What's next?

Learn more about Shift for Teams here.

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