How does Shift for Teams Pricing work?

Here at Shift, we’ve created a plan that will help you get stuff done across your entire team.

Assemble your co-workers, teammates, or best buds to get started.

You’ll enjoy all the features of Advanced across your whole team, plus special group discounts with Shift for Teams. 

Pricing Breakdown

All our Teams accounts are on the fully-featured Shift Advanced plan at $99.99/ year per user. 

Each team member will have their very own Shift account. 

So, if you have 5 team members, the total would be $499.95 USD per year. 

Shift is charged annually (not monthly), so you and your team benefit from an entire year of productive Shift goodness.

We also offer special pricing and discounts for teams of 5 or more. To learn more about special pricing options, reach out to us here

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  • 11-Oct-2019