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How does Shift for Teams Pricing work? print icon

Here at Shift, we’ve created a plan for teams that works for everyone.


Assemble your co-workers, teammates, or friends to get started.


You’ll enjoy all the features of Advanced across your whole team.


Pricing Breakdown


All Shift for Teams accounts are on the fully-featured Shift Advanced plan at $99.99/ year per user. 


Each team member has their very own Shift account. 


So, if you have 5 team members, the total would be $499.95 USD per year (5 members * $99.99 = $499.95)


Shift for Teams is charged annually (not monthly), so you and your team benefit from an entire year of productive Shift goodness.


After your team Admin created the team, all new members are added at a prorated rate for the remainder of the year. 



Adding another Team Member


When you add a new team member later on in the year, your subscription is prorated and upgraded based on the amount of time you have left in your year's subscription. 


So let's say you want to add a new team member 3 months after starting your Shift team. 


When you add your new team member, you will only pay for the days remaining in your Shift subscription for that team member's account. 


Let's do the math on that: 


It costs $99.99 for one team member.


You signed up for your team on January 1st originally, but you add a new team member on April 1st of the same year. 


Instead of paying $99.99 for your new team member, you would pay for their subscription from April 1st to January 1st of the following year. 


That would equal $75.33, the prorated amount. 


When your account renewal date rolls around again, your new member would cost the same as all your other team members ($99.99). 


The reason we prorate these payments is to make it fair to you and your team members and to make sure you are only paying for Shift for the time you have signed up to use it. 



More Questions?


For more information on pricing and what's included, check out our pricing page here. 



Have other questions? Reach out to our support squad here. 

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