Coming Soon: Features in the works

Hey all you Shift lovers!

Welcome to our “Coming Soon” section! This is the only place offering a sneak peek at some of the fun new features our developers are tinkering away on. So without further adieu, here are the ones we think will pack the most punch...

1. Chrome extensions!

We’ve heard your plea, and we’ve got hard data on your favorites! Future versions of Shift will support the Chrome extensions Shift lovers can’t live without.

No more switching between Shift and your browser; we’re committed to giving you everything you need to #getshiftdone, all inside our pretty little application.

2. Print attached docs from preview mode in Shift!

We're working on it folks! Future releases of Shift will feature the ability to print email attachments directly from preview mode. 

3. Cross account search!

What better way to increase your productivity than being able to search for an email with one click, no matter which email account it is in! The new cross account search feature will speed up your email bounty-hunting in no time by allowing you to search through multiple accounts at once, granting you Yoda-level karma!

4. Pay with PayPal!

Don't feel like using your credit card? PayPal support is coming to Shift!

5. Change your primary Shift account!

This feature is of primary concern! In the future you will be able to change your primary Shift account to a different email address of your choosing.

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  • 20-Jun-2017