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Shift aims at increasing productivity through user-friendly navigation to Google Calendar. Whether you’re on the Basic or Advanced plan you get access to this feature.

How to Add Google Calendar to Shift


Google calendar is attached to your Gmail account both in and out of Shift. If you have your Gmail account already set up, you can easily access calendar, drive, and more.


  1. Click on one of your Gmail accounts on the Shift Toolbar
  2. Find the Calendar associated with that particular account on the top-right side of the window
  3. Navigate easily between your emails, calendars, drive, and other services


Can I view multiple Google calendars at once?

Unifying calendars isn’t something you do in Shift, it’s actually something you set up in your google account directly. Once it’s set up there, reload Shift and you should see your updated, unified calendar. 

For more information on setting this up, check out Google’s Calendar help section here.


Does Shift support unified calendars?


At this time we unfortunately don't support the ability to view multiple calendars together, like your Outlook calendar and Google calendar. You may be able to add an Outlook, iCal, or Microsoft calendar to your Gcal following the instructions here.



What's next?

Learn how to switch between calendars here.


Find out what other Google services are supported here.


Need help?

Get in touch with our support team here.

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