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What to do if you're having an issue with an email in Shift
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If you're experiencing an issue with one of your email accounts within Shift, this is the article for you! In our experience, the following common issues can typically be resolved right away by working your way through the 7 quick and easy troubleshooting tips included in this article:


  • Delivered a "404 error" message when opening an inbox
  • Contact suggestions are not occurring as expected

If the issue you're experiencing is not mentioned above, fear not! The following 7 troubleshooting tips are still a great starting point in reaching a resolution! 😏 Just start at the top and work your way down the list.

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1. Reload the page

Click the Reload button towards the upper left corner of the app to refresh the page:




2. Double click the Email icon 

Double click on the email icon towards the upper right to refresh the email page (this is a different process than reloading the page above):



3. Hard refresh

A hard refresh can help reset Shift. Simply press Ctrl Shift R on Cmd Shift R on your keyboard.


4. Delete then re-add the email

  1. Right-click on the email in your sidebar and select "Delete" (note: this cannot be done for your Primary Shift Account)
  2. Click "+" in the lower-left corner and select "Add Account"
  3. Type in your email and log in

5. Make sure your 2FA or SSO is supported in Shift

Not all 2FA methods or SSO providers work in Shift! Check which ones do and don't here.


6. Make sure the email you're trying to add is a supported type in Shift

Shift supports Gmail/GSuite (hosted by Google) and Outlook/Office 365 (hosted by Microsoft). For these types, you can add them as emails using the "Add Account" action. For any other email types such as Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange-based emails etc. you can add these to your setup using the "Add Application" action and searching for the supported app.

Exchange-based emails can be added using the Outlook Web App.


7. App Data Reset

While a bit more nuclear in nature, an app data reset often helps remedy a wide range of issues. If you decide to try an app data reset, you'll just need to log back into your emails, apps, and extensions once again, but your Shift setup will be intact. Here's what you'll need to do:


  1. Head to Options (lower left) > Settings > General 
  2. Scroll to find Reset application data at the bottom
  3. Click "Reset App Data" and follow the prompt
  4. Shift will launch again automatically after a moment or two. When it does, select "Log in with existing account" and log in using your Primary Shift Account



What's next?

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