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How to Troubleshoot in Shift

If you are having trouble with your Shift account, we are here to help!


Use this article for guidance when you are experiencing an issue with your Shift account. 


What is Troubleshooting?


Troubleshooting is the process of problem-solving for a particular issue in Shift. When something goes wrong, there are a few things we can do to try to fix the issue immediately. 


When you are troubleshooting an issue in Shift, you are generally trying to rule out any common fixes. 

Common issues include, but are not limited to, the following: 

1. Pages not loading

2. Accounts not syncing

3. Server errors

4. Getting logged out of accounts


Let's get started...

Follow these steps in order until your issue is resolved. 

1. Hard Refresh 

The hard refresh is a method of refreshing Shift to give it a fresh start. This method lets you stay logged in all your accounts and apps while refreshing the entire Shift application without shutting it down.


Note: It is recommended to save any changes or work in progress as running actions such as composing a new email, music on Spotify, etc. will cease. 


  1. Activate the Shift App Menu and click on View (To activate the Shift Menu, press 'Ctrl/Cmd + \' and see it pop up at the top of Shift) 
  2. Click on Reload App or use the keyboard shortcuts listed below. 

The keyboard shortcuts to hard refresh are: 


Windows users: Ctrl + Shift + R


Mac users: Command + Shift + R


2. Deleting and Re-adding Accounts

Deleting and re-adding an account is the second step to refresh a particular account/application. Here, you can remove the account/application and re-add it to Shift. For an email account, you will get logged out and need to log in again after re-adding the account to Shift. For most applications, you will stay logged in but in some cases, for security reasons, you will need to log into the app again. 


Note: It is recommended to keep the log in details of the accounts/apps to be deleted handy as these will be essential to log back in.


  1. Find the account/app icon on the Shift Toolbar and right-click on it.
  2. Click on Delete.
  3. Re-add the account/app to Shift in the Apps directory or using the "+" icons in the sidebar. 


Note: If you are having issues with your primary email account, you will not be able to delete this. In this case, you need to change your primary to another Gmail or Outlook email account in Shift and then delete.


For this, click on Settings > Accounts > "Set as Primary Account" on any other added account(s).

Note: If you only have one email account, add another account to your Shift.

3. Checking for Restrictions

Checking for Restrictions asks that you reach out to your account or domain administrator to learn about possible restrictions on your account. This is common for corporate/company accounts who have implemented security and privacy protocols.


Restrictions often require people of certain organizations to re-login to the accounts/applications consistently. Your domain administrator has the ability to set predetermined session times. This means that they can require you to log into your email account after a certain amount of time has passed. Shift will honor these security measures any company has put in place. 


For anyone using Shift who also uses a private/business domain for their email, we recommend that they contact their account administrators to learn of any restrictions.


How to request a white-listing of third-party apps (Shift) from your domain administrator?


When you are trying to use Shift with a company computer or company email, sometimes, you won't be able to use Shift until your domain administrator allows you to use third-party



Third-party apps are apps that the company has not yet approved. Reach out to your domain admin and ask them to white-list third-party applications for any given email account, application, or even your specific computer. 


When reaching out to your domain administrator, you can send them the following: 


1. Security in Shift.

2. Privacy Permissions required by Shift.

3. Our website.


Once Shift is whitelisted by your domain administrator, you will be able to start using it again!


4. Reset Application Data

Reset Application Data is a method of refreshing Shift by resetting the entire application's data. This method is the last resort where all settings and preferences are removed. This method will log out users from all their accounts, disable all the extensions, and forget all the preferences.


Note: It is recommended to save any changes and most importantly, have the log in details of all the apps handy as these will be required to sign back in all of them. 


  1. Open your 'Options' tray (three-dots in the left-hand corner of Shift) 
  2. Go to 'Settings'
  3. Click on 'General'
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find 'Reset App Data' tab. Click on it.
  5. Open Shift. Log in with your primary account. Add accounts/apps and extensions.

5. Manually Delete Application Data

Manually Delete Application Data is the same process as Reset Application Data where the entire application's data is removed. Here, you can manually delete data by deleting the Shift folder from their device.


This method is used when you cannot open/access the Shift application or you see a black screen on opening the Shift window.


Note: It is important to quit Shift fully before implementing this. Also, it is recommended to save any changes and most importantly, have the log in details of all the apps handy as these will be required to sign back in all of them.


Delete the following folder:


Windows user: C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Shift


Mac users: ~/Library/Application Support/Shift 


(Mac users need to hold down the 'Option' button and choose the 'Go' menu item in Finder)


Steps to Follow After Troubleshooting

We understand that troubleshooting is helpful for many but not all issues. There are times when these steps are not successful and there is a need to reach out to Shift. Nothing to worry about, we have got you covered.


In those cases, our Customer Support team is here to help!


To reach our Customer Support, go to


This will take you to Shift's Knowledge Base. Here you can find our top articles, application and extension guides, updates and more! 


To reach one of our customer support team, do the following:


  1. Click on 'Submit Ticket'.
  2. Fill in the details (best known to you) and provide an overview of the issue.
  3. You also can attach a screenshot/video of the issue you are seeing.
  4. Provide your contact details.
  5. Check this box to provide consent after reading the Privacy Policy and click on 'Create ticket'.

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