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How to fix a partially blank screen in Shift
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If you’ve run into a partially blank screen in Shift, this is the article for you! 😎 If you're seeing a blank screen, but can still see parts of Shift like your sidebar, start at the top and work your way down!


Seeing a fully blank Shift screen or Shift won't launch at all? Slide into this article for solutions.


Reload page and hard refresh 

The reload page and hard refresh are a way of refreshing Shift to give it a fresh start. Click the Reload button towards the upper left corner of your page to reload the page:


A hard refresh will restart the entire Shift application. You'll still stay logged into everything. Make sure to save any changes or work in progress as running actions such as composing a new email, music on Spotify, etc. will cease. 
To hard refresh on a Mac use Cmd Shift R. To do so on a Windows/Linux device use Ctrl Shift R. Shift will close temporarily, then reopen automatically.


Add a second instance of your affected app then delete the original

For a blank screen in any app, try adding a second instance of the app to your setup. Adding a second instance of the app creates a fresh version of the app in your setup, like starting new:


  1. Click the "+' in the lower-left corner and select "Add Application"
  2. Search for the app that's affected and add it to your setup again. Make sure to add a second instance of the app to your setup first before deleting the original app that has the issue.
  3. Log into the newly added instance of the app

If the newly added instance of the app is not blank, you'll know it worked. You can then delete the first instance of the app with the issue by right-clicking on the app in your sidebar and selecting "Delete."


Delete and re-add an email

For an email account, you will get logged out and need to log in again after deleting and re-adding the account to Shift. Try our password management tool to make it easy. You will also need to sign back into any extensions you previously had added for the affected email.


  1. Find the account in your sidebar, right-click and select "Delete"
  2. Re-add the account by clicking on the "+" in the lower-left corner and select "Add Account"

If you are having issues with your Primary Shift Account, you will not be able to delete it as described above. In this case, you need to change your Primary Shift Account to another email in your setup first, and then delete. For more instructions check out this article.


Reset your application data

If the blank page is persistent, try giving your app data a reset. You'll need to log into your emails, apps, and extensions again, but this usually clears out stubborn blank pages. Here's how to reset your app data:


  1. Click Options (lower left) > Settings > General > Reset Application Data
  2. Click on the "Reset App Data" button on the far right and click Proceed
  3. Shift will shut down and then restart immediately on its own
  4. Click Log in to an existing account and login with your Primary Shift Account

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