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In October of last year, Google announced new guidelines for its Gmail API. Applications accessing data via that API had to be verified by Google to ensure compliance with their new privacy and security requirements. 


Shift uses the Gmail API for authentication, unified search, navigation, and notifications. Many of the core functions in Shift are run between your desktop computer and Google. At the core of Shift is your email. With Google's new guidelines, Shift is more secure than ever. 


We are thrilled that Google's OAuth has become the industry standard as the most trusted authentication protocol. 


The OAuth authentication authorizes Shift locally, to access your email and download the application to your local computer. 


An identity token is stored against your Shift account in the cloud, but the token required to access your emails is only stored locally. 


Shift can handle your mail privately and locally without any risk that anyone, anywhere -- other than you -- can gain access to your information, data, or emails. 


This is all possible due to Shift's ability to access data through the Google API.



We're happy to announce that the review was successful and we can continue to provide these functionalities without limitations. 


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