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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new regulation coming into effect on September 14, 2019 that will affect some of our European users. 


This regulatory change is making payments safer and more secure for our users by changing how our European customers authenticate online payments. 


How does SCA work?


SCA requires you to re-verify the purchase before the charge is applied to your card. 


If you use SCA with your bank, Stripe (Shift's payment provider) will send you an email to verify your pending transaction. 



After your transaction is confirmed, your Shift account will be active for the rest of your subscription. 



After purchasing Shift, be sure to "Complete Payment" by pressing the Complete Payment button in the email sent to your inbox after you purchase Shift. 


If you are purchasing Shift for the first time, you will need to complete the payment within 24 hours of initial purchase. 


If you are renewing your Shift subscription, you will need to complete the payment within 15 days of your renewal. 


By not completing the payment, you will experience an interruption of service from Shift, and your account will be downgraded to Shift Basic (free). 


Transactions that don't follow the new authentication guidelines may be declined by your bank. 


Who is affected by SCA? 


At the moment, only users who are part of the EEA and whose bank has adopted these regulatory changes will be affected. 


Most banks will be asking their clients to opt into SCA payment protocols. 


If you reside outside of Europe, you will not be affected by SCA regulations for the time being.



Have more questions? Check out this guide from our payment provider, Stripe. 




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