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Using Boomerang in Shift
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Take control of your inbox with Boomerang for Gmail. Boomerang has many features to boost your productivity, including email scheduling, reminders, and more. Add Boomerang for Gmail to Shift to become a productivity master. 


This feature is available for all Shift Advanced users. 


What is Boomerang? 

Boomerang is an extension that allows you to schedule your emails, set reminders for important emails, receive read receipts and other features. Inbox nirvana is in sight!


Boomerang for Gmail in Shift works similarly as in the browser.


How to Add Boomerang to Shift

1. Go to Settings (the wrench in the bottom left-hand corner) 


2. Click on the Extensions tab. The first one on the list is Boomerang. 


3. Tap on the toggle button below 'Enabled' and you will see it highlighted.


4. After enabling the Boomerang extension, go to any of your email accounts and you will find yourself at the welcome page.

    (You can choose to take the tour to familiarize yourself with Boomerang or skip it.)


5. You'll notice Boomerang is now working on your Gmail accounts when you compose emails, pause your inbox, and more!



Shift tip: Once added, Boomerang is active on all your Gmail accounts. 


How does Boomerang work in Shift? 

1. Click on 'Compose' in Gmail and you will find this additional bar at the bottom of the 'New Message' window.


2. You can schedule your emails based on time, day or date.



3. You can set reminders and manage Boomerang emails.



4. You can pause your inbox. 



5. You will find the Boomerang icon in between Support and Google Apps in all your Gmail accounts in Shift. 


Have more questions about the Boomerang extension? Check out Boomerang's help center here. 

Want to get started with Shift? Take the first step by downloading and creating your account here.

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