How to Use Evernote in Shift

Evernote allows you to take notes, organize to-do lists, and set objectives for a meeting on the go. Using the Evernote web app in Shift provides you the same amazing experience as on all your devices.

This feature is available for all Shift Advanced users.  

How does Evernote work in Shift?

Evernote in Shift works just like Evernote in your browser. Adding Evernote to Shift will give you full access to all of Evernote's awesome web app features.

Note: The Evernote Web Clipper is not supported in Shift.  

What features are available in Evernote?

1. Sync your devices to access Evernote where ever you are.

Shift is available on your desktop computer, but if you're making changes in Evernote on your mobile app wherever you are, you will see them next time you open up Evernote in Shift.

2. Take notes and add tables, attachments, pictures and more.

3. Share a note link or invite family, friends or colleagues to view.

Evernote offers three plans based on your requirements. To know more, click here.


How to Add Evernote to Shift?

1. Open Shift and click on 'Settings' (the wrench in the bottom left-hand corner).

2. Click on 'Apps'.

3. Select 'Browse Apps' and tap on the search bar to type Evernote.

4. Select Evernote, add your preferred account name and preferred account color.

5. Click on Save and find Evernote added to the Shift toolbar.

Login options in Evernote

To know more about how to log into an Evernote account, click here.

Can I use multiple Evernote accounts on Shift?

Absolutely! If you use multiple Evernote accounts or want to create an additional one, Shift gives you the power to access all of your accounts at the same time. Just follow the same steps as 'How-to-Add-Evernote-to-Shift' and 'Login-Options-in-Evernote'.


Want to get started with Shift? Take the first step by downloading and creating your account here


Have more questions about Evernote? Take a peek at their FAQ page here

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  • 16-Oct-2019