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How Many Email Accounts can I Connect to My Shift App?

Shift Advanced accounts support an unlimited number of Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 accounts.

Basic accounts allow members to connect a maximum of two Gmail and or Outlook accounts.

Memory Limitations

Depending on how much RAM your computer has, you may want to limit the number of email accounts you add to Shift. 

Optimizing the number of accounts you have added to Shift based on your RAM will improve performance in Shift. 

Here is a quick check for how many accounts we recommend based on your computer's RAM.

RAM Maximum Accounts
8 GB 5
16 GB 10
32 GB 20

Adding an Email Account

To add a new email account to Shift, click on the square "+" icon in the bottom left corner. 

Choose "Add Account" and type in your email address, then log in. 

Shift supports Gmail, Gsuite, Office365, and accounts as email. 

To add a Yahoo, Apple Mail, OWS, or other email account, you can add it as an application. 

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  • 28-Jul-2020