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In Shift, the app switcher feature is made to function on your primary monitor. 


This means, that when you are using the Shift app switcher, you will need Shift open in your primary monitor.


If you only use one screen, that will automatically act as your primary monitor. 


However, if you use multiple monitors or screens, you may need to set up your primary monitor in order to use the app switcher. 


The keyboard shortcut for the app switcher is Alt + Tab. This shortcut will only work on your primary display. 


How to find and change your primary monitor



1. On your Mac (not in Shift), go to System Preferences > Displays. 


2. Drag the top bar to select which one is your primary monitor. 



3. Make sure Shift is always in your primary monitor. The app switcher works only when Shift is open on the primary monitor. 



1. On your PC, search for Displays. 


2. Under "Rearrange your displays", select the display that you would like as your primary monitor. Make sure it is blue. 



3. Scroll down to see the "Make this my main display" checkbox and select this. 

4. As soon as you select this, your main display will change. 

5. Make sure you are using Shift in the main display. 




1. On your computer, go to Settings > Displays > Screen Display.



2. Select the primary monitor from the primary monitor option. 


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