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Referral Program Coupons

So, you're a go-getter I see 🙌


Spoiler alert: we like people like you. So we created the Shift referral program to give back to our highly productive and totally awesome community. 


If you've earned 5 or 10 referrals and are thinking, "where's my upgrade, Shift?", the first thing you need to do is check your inbox. Your primary inbox. 


When you earned your referrals we sent you an email with all the details, so go check it out!


In the meantime, let me tell you a little more about how referral program coupon codes work. 


1. Coupons are always applied to your renewal

If you've already upgraded your account, your coupon will be applied to your next renewal.


So let's say you downloaded Shift and immediately upgraded to Advanced. You wanted those apps, and you wanted them now! No shame in that. 

Then, you started sharing your referral link around the office. In no time, you earned 5 referrals and your free year of Shift was achieved. #winning. 


Since you have already upgraded, we automatically apply that coupon code to whatever your next payment is. So next year, Shift is on us!


2. Your coupon code arrives in your primary email inbox

Make sure you know your primary. This is rule no. 1 in Shift world. 🌎


All communication with us will go to your primary email account, so check there for an email from us with a very special coupon code.


3. You need to apply your coupon code to upgrade

If you're a Shift Basic user who's got their referrals, you can upgrade right inside Shift. 


Open Shift (and login if you are logged out), then go to Settings > Upgrade > Choose "Buy Now" for Advanced. 


A payment page will pop up in your browser where you can input your payment information and your coupon code. Make sure to check the coupon code box and input the code before checking out. 



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