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Adding iCloud/Apple Mail to Shift

Apple users rejoice! Shift supports iCloud, Apple Mail,  and many more Apple services (including Apple Calendar, Apple Contacts, Apple Developer, Apple Photos, and Apple Notes) as applications.

This feature is available for Shift Advanced users. 

Apple Mail in Shift works just like Apple Mail in your browser. Shift uses web version of Apple Mail and offers the same functionality. 

Note: Apple Mail cannot be added as an email account in Shift. We do, however, support Apple Mail as an application. 

How to Add Apple Mail to Shift

  1. Click on 'Settings' (the wrench in the bottom left-hand corner).
  2. Click on 'Apps' and make sure 'Browse Apps' is highlighted.
  3. Type Apple Mail in the Search Bar and click on the app icon.
  4. Type your Account Name, choose your preferred colour and 'Save' it.
  5. Find 'Apple Mail' on your Shift sidebar.
  6. Log in and authenticate your account.

Have more questions about Apple Mail? The Apple support team is available here for any Apple account related questions.

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  • 01-Oct-2019