Why aren't my referrals working?

Are you having issues with your referrals registering in your account? Your friends and colleagues may need to follow these steps to help you get your referral bonuses:

1. Copy the referral link into a browser.

2. Click download when the page loads.

3. Now they will see a prompt for an email address. They enter their email address here (let's say they used "goodfriend@gmail.com")

4. Now once the download is complete, click on the download

5. Shift will install and run

6. Click on the "Gmail Mailbox" button (or Outlook/Inbox if appropriate)

7. Enter the same email as above ( goodfriend@gmail.com in our case).

8. Finish the setup process.

9. Shift account is all set up

Now if you go into your account, you will see goodfriend@gmail.com as an activated referral. Please note that the referral might take a few minutes to show up. You can speed up this process by quitting and restarting Shift. 

Other Reasons Referrals Don't Work

1. A download has not happened.

Your friend/colleague has not downloaded Shift using your referral link. 

2. An account already exists.

Your friend/colleague already has a Shift account. They did not use your link to download and create an account.

More questions about the referral program? Check out our other articles or reach out to our support staff. 

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  • 03-Jun-2019