Upcoming Feature: Browser tabs

📣 PSA: Browser tabs are coming to Shift. Your life is about to get SO much better. 

This is really what we have all been waiting for, isn't it? 😉

Browser tabs are coming to Shift

Are you ready for it? 

We have made some serious progress on the Shift 4.0 release. We are pleased to announce that browser tabs will be fully integrated into Shift for all Shift Advanced users. 

All Shift Advanced users will soon be able to use browser tabs right in Shift.

The Shift 4.0 release is slated to come out late Summer 2019. 🚀

Thanks for continuing to support Shift! 

What browser will be used in Shift? 

Since Shift is built using Chromium, it's only fitting that our browser tabs do too. Shift will use Chromium to support browser tabs. Chromium is an open-source project, very similar to Google Chrome. 

More Questions? Check out this article: 

Learn more about browser tabs in Shift

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  • 16-Jan-2020