Internet Connection pop up

Shift relies on the internet to make your world go 'round. ðŸŒŽ

When your internet connection is not strong enough, a modal pop-up will show on your screen alerting you that your internet connection is poor. 

This pop up is meant to show up only when the connection is not strong enough for Shift to be usable. 

If you are using Shift offline, you will likely become very friendly with this pop-up. 

We are working on a friendlier pop-up that you can dismiss when working offline in Shift. 

My Internet connection is good though... ðŸ¤”

Recently, we have had reports of the internet connection modal pop-up showing up for users who have no less than fantastically smooth connection to the internet. 

We are working on this problem, as it has been identified as a bug in Shift. 

If you notice this issue with your Shift account, we hear you! ðŸ™‹ 

We are working on a feature that allows you to delay the pop-up while we investigate a longer-term fix. 

Feel free to reach out to our support team for updates at any time. Thanks so much for your patience! You are in good hands with us.