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If you are trying to pay for Shift and your payment keeps failing, we are here for you. 🙋


Shift uses Stripe as a payment platform. 


Payments can fail for a variety of reasons. 


Here are some possible solutions: 


1. Make sure you are using a credit card 💳

Shift does not accept debit cards, gift cards, or paypal at this time. 

2. Make sure the charge is being accepted by your bank. 🏧

Some banks disallow recurring charges unless you explicitly give the okay. Reach out to your bank and confirm that your bank is not blocking the charge.

3. Try a different card.💲

Stripe doesn't always agree with some credit cards. For this reason, it is best to try paying for Shift using a different card than the one that is failing. 


Still having trouble paying? 🤔

Reach out to our customer support team here. We are happy to help in any way we can! 

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