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Your Primary Shift Account

With all the emails you have connected to Shift, it's easy to lose track of which one is the Primary Shift Account. Here is a quick guide. 


Your Primary Shift Account is the email account that you use to log into Shift. 


If you log into Shift with the wrong primary account, you will create a new Shift Basic (free) account with a brand new primary. 


Make sure you know which email is your primary email. 


What is my Primary Shift Account used for? 

🔓Logging into your Shift account

📧 A regular old email account in Shift

📣Getting updates on new features and bug fixes

💳Identifying your upgraded account in our payment system

🙋Identifying your account for our customer support team


When you first logged into Shift, you chose your Primary Shift Account

You can identify what your current Primary Shift Account is a few ways...


Identifying your Primary Shift Account

  1. Open Shift and make sure you are logged in. 

  2. Go to the Options menu (three dots) in the bottom left corner.

  3. Click on Settings (the wrench icon).

  4. Click on Accounts.

  5. Look for the “Primary Shift Account” banner next to one of your accounts. 



The banner will show up next to the email account that has been set up as your primary account. All other accounts are considered "secondary accounts".


More Questions? Check out this article:

What is my Primary Shift Account? 



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