Logging into Shift

Logging into Shift is a simple process. You just need to know your Primary Shift account to get back into your account. 

If you log out of Shift, you can log back in again using your Primary Shift Account. This is the account you designate as the key to logging you into Shift. 

Shift is a desktop app. You will need to have it downloaded on your computer in order to log in. Download Shift here.

1. Launch Shift and "Log in to an existing account".

2. Key in your Primary Shift Account.

3. Authenticate your account to log in. 

4. Accept the permissions and finish logging in. 

Want to know more about the privacy permissions in Shift? Check out this article. 

How to Log Out of Shift

1. Expose your application menu. 

Windows users use: Ctrl + \

Mac users use: Cmd + \

Your application menu will appear at the top of the Shift window for Windows users. For Mac users, it is next to the Apple menu in the top right-hand corner of your monitor. 

2. Click on Application. 

3. Select "Sign out of Shift". 

Note: By logging out of Shift, you are resetting your application data. This means when you next log back into Shift, you will need to provide passwords for all of your accounts in Shift. 

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