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Shift supports the 1Password web application, however, we do not support the extension. The web app functions as a dashboard where you can store all of your passwords in one convenient location. 


The 1Password app remembers all your passwords so you don't have to. By using 1Password in Shift you can save your passwords and log into websites with one click. 

This feature is available for all Shift Advanced users.

How to add 1Password to Shift

  1. Open Shift.
  2. Click on Options (the three dots in the bottom left corner).
  3. Click on Settings (the wrench icon).
  4. Click on the Apps heading.
  5. Search for 1Password and select the icon.
  6. Name your account and choose your color.
  7. Save.
  8. Click on the 1Password icon in the Shift sidebar and log in to your 1Password account.

How does 1Password work in Shift?

You will find the same functionality in Shift, but with easier access to all your accounts. Try 1Password in your browser here.


1. Find all your passwords in 1Password

2. Copy and paste them from 1Password into your password fields for your accounts.


Can I use the 1Password Extension password manager in Shift? 

The 1Password extension offers the ability to save your passwords across all your accounts so you can log in automatically. Currently, Shift does not support the 1Password extension. We do support an awesome alternative called LastPass as a Shift Advanced feature. 

More Questions?

Try the 1Password support page for all 1Password related questions.

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