How to Use Facebook Messenger in Shift

The Facebook Messenger web app works like texting and other mobile messaging apps to let you reach people instantly on their phones or computers. The Facebook Messenger web application is available in Shift.

This feature is available for all Shift Advanced Users.

How to add Messenger to Shift

  1. Click on Settings (the wrench in the bottom left-hand corner)
  2. Click on the Apps heading
  3. Search for Facebook Messenger
  4. Name your account and choose your color
  5. Save
  6. Click on the Messenger icon in the Shift sidebar and log in to your Messenger account

How does Messenger work in Shift?

Shift supports the web app version of Facebook Messenger. 

When you log into Messenger in your browser, you will see all the same functionality that you would see in Shift's version of Messenger as well. 

Try Messenger in your browser here. You will find the same functionality in Shift, but with easier access to all your accounts. 

Note: Shift will keep you logged in longer than your browser. 

How do I set up me Messenger Notifications? 

Shift will honor the notification settings you set in your applications.

To set up your notifications for Messenger, open Messenger in Shif, then click on the Settings cog in the top right-hand corner of Messenger.

Then, select Settings. This overlay will appear: 

Select the checkbox next to Sounds if you wish to hear a notification sound for every message you receive in Messenger.

Select the checkbox next to Notifications if you wish to receive desktop notifications for Messenger on your computer. 

Note: Desktop Notifications are not supported in Windows 7

Unread Badge

The unread badge is the circular icon that appears on top of your app's logo in the Shift sidebar. This badge will appear with a count of all your unread messages in Facebook Messenger

To view all your unread threads in Messenger: 

1. Go to the settings cog in Messenger

2. Click on "Unread Threads"

3. Click to view the thread to remove the notification.

Desktop Notifications

To manage desktop notifications for all your accounts in Shift:

1. Go to the Shift Settings wrench in the bottom left-hand corner

2. Click on General

3. Scroll down to Functionality

4. Toggle ON/OFF "Show Notifications" depending on your preferences.

More Questions? 

Try the Facebook Messenger support page for all your Messenger related questions. 

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  • 19-Jun-2019