How to change your login email

The email you use to log int to Shift is called your Primary Shift Account.

Steps to change your login email/Primary Shift account: 

1. Go to Settings > Accounts (Settings can be found by clicking on the wrench in the bottom left of the Shift interface).
2. When you go to Settings you are usually already brought to the Accounts tab.
3. Now scroll down to the account that you want to make your Primary Shift account. If the account you want to set as your primary is not in Shift, make sure to first add the account. 
4. On the far right of the screen, you will see four boxes with different options.
5. Click on the bottom right box titled: "Set as Primary Account"

Congratulations!  Your primary Shift account has now been changed.

Error Changing Primary Account

If you see the following message when changing your primary, "The selected mailbox is already a primary for another account," it is because you have another Shift account. 

The conflicting account will need to be deleted.

Please reach out to our customer support team saying the following: 

I am trying to switch my primary email account to {Your desired email account}. 

Every time I do this, I get the error "The selected mailbox is already a primary for another account.". 

Please delete the extra account associated with {your desired primary email account} so I may change my primary email. 

My current primary email account in Shift is {your current primary email account}.

Thank you,


Your primary shift account can only be: 

1. Gmail (including G-suite)

2. (including live, msn, and hotmail)

Your primary shift account cannot be: 

1. Office 365

2. Microsoft Exchange

3. Self-hosted

4. Yahoo Mail

5. Apple Mail 

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  • 12-Jun-2019