How to Get Google’s Inbox in Gmail

Tired of Gmail’s cluttered interface? Looking for a Google Inbox substitute to save the day? Look no further. 

Simplify is an extension that brings the simplicity of Google’s Inbox to Gmail. Developed by Michael Leggett, co-founder of Google’s Inbox, Simplify hides Gmail’s messy folders and menus and organizes them under simple pull-up and drop-down menus.

With Simplify, you’ll notice the following changes to your Gmail interface: 

  • Left and right sidebars hidden behind menu buttons. 
  • A minimized search bar. 
  • Compose in the bottom right, similar to the mobile interface.
  • Calendar, Keep, Tasks condensed in the bottom right. 
  • Gmail logo in the top left gone.

We've partnered with Michael Leggett to offer our customers the Simplify experience in Shift! Upgrade to Shift Advanced to connect Simplify and enjoy an Inbox-like experience of Gmail.

To get started, go to the Extensions tab in Shift's Settings, locate Simplify and toggle on to enable.