How to Get Google’s Inbox in Gmail

Tired of Gmail’s cluttered interface? Looking for a Google Inbox substitute to save the day? Look no further. 

Simplify is an extension that brings the simplicity of Google’s Inbox to Gmail. Developed by Michael Leggett, co-founder of Google’s Inbox, Simplify hides Gmail’s messy folders and menus and organizes them under simple pull-up and drop-down menus.

With Simplify, you’ll notice the following changes to your Gmail interface: 

  • Left and right sidebars hidden behind menu buttons. 
  • A minimized search bar. 
  • Compose in the bottom right, similar to the mobile interface.
  • Calendar, Keep, Tasks condensed in the bottom right. 
  • Gmail logo in the top left gone.

And it’s now available in Shift. Upgrade to Shift Advanced and connect Simplify to enjoy an Inbox-like experience of Gmail in Shift!

To get started, go to Extensions tab in Settings, locate Simplify and toggle on to enable.