Browser tabs in Shift

With the Shift 4.0 release on the horizon, we have been making some big changes lately!

One of the major updates we will be including in our Shift 4.0 release is the inclusion of browser tabs in Shift for any Shift Advanced user. 

Currently, this feature is still in development. However, if you are currently a Shift Advanced user, we can enable this feature for you. 

How to Enable Browser tabs in Shift

This feature is available for Shift Advanced users who choose to opt-in. 

1. Reach out to our support team by creating a ticket. Categorize your issue as "Other".

2. Be sure to include your primary email address in the email.

3. Our team will enable browser tabs for you and notify you on the change. This can take up to 36 hours during our work hours of 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday. 

Note: This feature is not fully released yet. You may notice that the experience is not as seamless as you may want. Since we are still developing this feature, we ask that anyone who requests browser tabs to be enabled understands that the feature is still in development and requires some work from our team. 

Note: If you notice a bug while using browser tabs, please notify our team so we can solve the issue. 

Note: You can opt-out of using browser tabs at any time by reaching out to our support team.