Not for Profit (NFP) Pricing Options

Shift does not specifically offer discounts for Not for Profits. However, we do offer discounted access to premium Shift plans for enterprise teams. 

If you are an employee at a Not for Profit Organization who would like to onboard a team for Shift, you can apply today.

How to Apply for Not for Profit Pricing as a Team

  1. Click on this link
  2. Once you are on the Shift for Teams page, select "Create Your Team!".
  3. You will be asked a few short questions about your team. Please respond and Send. 
  4. A Shift for Teams representative will be in touch with you to review discount options for you and your team. 

Individual Options

If you are an individual working for a Not for Profit, there are a few options for getting great discounts for Shift: 

1. Sign up for our Referral Program. 

With 5 referrals you will get your first year of Shift completely free! With 10 referrals, you can then get the next year of Shift 50% off. 

For more information on the Shift referral Program, see here. 

2. Download Shift to subscribe to our mailing list. 

Being a part of the Shift mailing list means you get access to premium discounts, tips and tricks, and other handy tools. 

Subscribe today by downloading Shift. Then keep an eye on your mailbox for an awesome offer!