Find your Shift version

Knowing your Shift version keeps you up to date with current Shift updates. If you are reaching out to our support team, you will need to know what version of Shift you are running. 

Mac OS

1. Click on Shift on the app menu in the top left-hand corner next to the Apple icon.

2. Select "Check for Updates".

3. See your version in the pop-up in Shift. 

4. Accept updates if they are available. 

Windows OS

1. Enable your app menu (Ctrl + \) if it is not already enabled. 

2. Select "Application". 

3. Select "Check for Updates".

4. Shift will offer new updates or say you are on the current version.

Stable or Beta? 

Stable and Beta are the names of the two channels we use to release updates for Shift on. 

To find your channel, go to Settings > General > Update Channel. The channel highlighted in Blue is your current channel. 

The Stable channel is the default. All our users enter Shift originally as Stable users. Stable is the channel we release to last. It makes up the majority of our users. This channel for intended for users who want a pristine experience in Shift. If you are looking for a clean and bug-free experience, Stable is the correct channel for you to be in. 

The Beta channel is a small community of our users aimed at identifying bugs and stopping them in their tracks before they reach the stable channel. We send new releases to our Beta channel before our Stable channel. Our Beta channel is responsible for letting us know about bugs as soon as they arise, so we can fix them before they go out to the rest of our users.

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  • 06-Jun-2019