How to Request a Feature

We love feature requests! Our team is hard at work putting into action the features that you request. This is how we know what our customers want and what direction we should take Shift in the future. ðŸš€

How to Request a Feature: 

It's as simple as using our survey. Our team monitors this survey closely and uses it to supplement all of our app, extension, and feature integrations.

Let us know what you want to see next:


When using this survey, you can search for apps and extensions that we already have included. 

Can't see what you are looking for? You can add a new app or extension to the list yourself. Future users can vote on this suggestion as well. 

Types of Features: 

Application Integrations

We have a list of apps queued up to be added to Shift. Every vote counts. By contributing to our survey, we know which apps to prioritize based on popularity.

Extension Integrations

Same as our applications, we are queue-ing up a list of extensions to add to Shift for future releases. These are more complex than applications and require more time to implement. Let us know what you would like to see next.

Other Ideas

Every day we see awesome suggestions on workflow, changes in UI, search capabilities, grouping apps together, notification handling, and so much more! We want to hear from you what you would like to see in Shift. Let us know using the survey above.

Need your app in Shift right now? 

You can add your web app as a custom app in Shift:

1. Go to the Apps Menu
2. Search for the Jira app and click on the + button to add it to your apps menu
3. Click on the "Use Custom URL" checkbox 
4. Add the URL for your custom app. Be sure to include the entire URL

5. Name your app and choose a color, then SAVE

Your app will appear in your sidebar with the Jira logo and the color and naming of your choice. 

Given that Shift favors integrations done by our own team, this workaround is not perfect and may not have all the functionality as running your app outside of Shift.