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Why do my accounts log out when I log out of Shift?

When you log out of Shift you are essentially resetting your application data. This process clears out Shift and resets the entire program. 

Upon resetting your application data, your accounts get logged out, passwords are not saved, and the entire Shift application gets a fresh start. 

Why can't I set a password for Shift without getting logged out? 

We are currently working on a few optional features that will allow you to set a password for Shift without having to actually log out. 

This will provide an extra layer of security to all your accounts in Shift. 

How do I stay logged in to my accounts? 

If you do log out of Shift, make sure to simply exit out of Shift rather than signing out. 

I still get logged out of my accounts when I exit Shift

The session time determines how long you will stay logged in to that account. This depends on the type of application or account you are getting logged out of. Commonly, HR, legal, and accounting apps have short session times. 


Office 365 accounts have a very short session time and commonly get logged out. 


With work emails, your company can determine your session time as well. your personal Gmail may stay logged in longer than your work email because of the session time your employer has set. As well, some apps choose to log out upon exit. If this happens in the browser, it will also happen in Shift. 


Shift honors the session time of each app. If you find you are staying logged in longer in your browser than in Shift, please let our customer support team know. 


Still having issues getting logged out of your accounts? Let our team know here.

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