How do I reset my password?

First things first, your password to log into Shift is the same password you use to log into your primary email account. 

Do you know your primary email account? 

If not, here are a few tips to identifying it: 

1. What email did you first use to sign up with Shift? Have you changed the primary email in Shift? 

2. What email do you get inbox do you get Shift emails from? 

3. If you are a paid user, what email does your Shift receipt get sent to? 

If you have trouble finding your primary account, please reach out to customer support.

If you already know your primary email account, then all you have to do is this: 

1. Open your browser

2. Go to the login page for Gmail or Outlook. 

3. Reset your password.

Since your password to Shift is the same password for your primary email account, you will always use the same password for both accounts. 

Still having trouble? Reach out to our customer support team for help.