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Using Grammarly in Shift
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The Grammarly Chrome extension provides spell-checking capabilities, while the Grammarly application provides access to account management (the functionality of the web-based version of Grammarly). Most users install the Grammarly Chrome extension, not the application.

The Grammarly extension is available for paid users only.

By using the Grammarly Chrome extension in Shift, you can: 

  • Detect spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes
  • Show definitions and synonyms by double-clicking on words
  • Choose the writing style. For example, American English, Canadian English, or others
  • And more!

Have more questions about Grammarly? Check out Grammarly Support Center here.

How to add the Grammarly Chrome Extension to Shift

  1. Click the "Extensions" icon in the top right of your screen.
  2. Click Add extension (the "+" icon).
  3. Search for Grammarly in the Chrome Extension Store.
  4. Click "Add to Shift" and then "Add extension".
  5. If Grammarly is not activating, please refresh your screen by pressing "Ctrl+R" or "Cmd+R" on your keyboard.
  6. Ensure you're signed in to Grammarly across all the email accounts you'd like the extension to be active in



What's Next?

Issue logging into Grammarly? Check our quick tips here.


Learn more about using extensions in Shift here.

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