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Why does Shift sometimes open a separate Shift window?
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Issue Summary 📄

In some cases, Shift will open a link in a separate Shift window (called a Native Window) rather than a web tab within Shift, or in your default browser. This may happen regardless of if you have toggled Open links in Shift off or on in your Shift Settings. 


A native window is an external window that has limited functionality. For instance, it will not contain a search bar, nor offer the ability to perform simple commands such as "Print" or "Copy". This window will open as a pop-up, rather than inside of Shift or in your default browser. Below are a few known cases where Shift will open a native window:


  • Opening links from Google Calendar

  • Clicking 'Preview" in a Google Form/Doc in email

  • Opening all website data in the Google Analytics app in Shift

  • Clicking on "Edit with Google Docs"

  • Posts with links opened from the LinkedIn app in Shift

Status: Technical Limitation ⏳

At this time, this is a technical limitation in Shift and a timeline of when this capability might be integrated is unknown.


Temporary Workaround 💡

If you find a specific link that is opening in a native Shift window we suggest copying the page URL and pasting it into your Shift browser, or default browser to ensure it opens where you want.


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