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Why do some links open in a separate Shift window?
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Issue Summary 📄

In some cases, Shift will open a link in a separate Shift window rather than according to your Open links in Shift preference (i.e. either in a new web tab within Shift or in your default browser). 


These secondary windows will also often have limited functionality. For instance, they may not contain a search bar, nor offer the ability to perform commands such as "Print" or "Copy" or open a context menu when you right-click on the page. Below are a few known cases where Shift will open a native window:


  • Opening links from Google Calendar

  • Meeting links such as from Google Meet, Zoom, etc.

  • Clicking 'Preview" in a Google Form/Doc in email

  • Opening all website data in the Google Analytics app in Shift

  • Clicking on "Edit with Google Docs"

  • LinkedIn post links

  • Jira/Confluence links

  • Clicking on a link included in a drafted email

Status: Fixed on Shift v8 

This issue is fixed on the newest version of Shift, v8, which is now available on our Beta channel. Learn how to subscribe to the Beta channel here.


What's next?

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