How to Use WhatsApp in Shift

WhatsApp allows you to message and call friends, family, colleagues, you name it! Shift uses the desktop version of WhatsApp. In Shift, chats are synced to the desktop version so you can use WhatsApp on your desktop and your mobile phone without missing a beat.

The WhatsApp web application is available in Shift for any Shift Advanced user.

How to Add WhatsApp to Shift

1. Click on Settings (the wrench in the bottom left-hand corner)

2. Click on the Apps heading

3. Search for WhatsApp

4. Name your account and choose your color

5. Save

6. Click on the WhatsApp icon in the Shift toolbar and log in

How Do I Add Multiple WhatsApp Accounts to Shift?

Do you have a secondary WhatsApp account? Maybe three or four? No problem! With Shift, you can log into multiple accounts of the same app without having to worry about logging in and out over and over again. Use the same steps as above to add another WhatsApp account, then log in with your other account. 

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  • 30-May-2019