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Using Slack in Shift
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Slack is the messaging platform where work happens. By bringing your team together regardless of where you are located, Slack provides the platform to allow you to collaborate and stay productive no matter what. 


On Slack, users can:

  • Create organized channels based on conversations, teams, clients, etc. 
  • Communicate via text, voice or video calls with the ability to easily find past conversations
  • Streamline your work by connecting your Slack with Dropbox, Google Drive, Jira, and over 2,200 other apps. 
  • Share files with a drag-and-drop 

This feature is available for Shift Advanced users. 

How does Slack work in Shift?

Slack in Shift works just like Slack in a browser. Shift uses the browser version of Slack and offers the same functionality. This means Slack's amazing web app features are on Shift.

How to Add Slack to Shift

  1. Open Shift and click on the plus sign in the bottom left-hand corner. 
  2. Click on 'Add Application'.
  3. Tap on the search bar to type 'Slack'.
  4. Click on 'Save' and find 'Slack' added to the Shift sidebar.
  5. Name your account, choose your color, and enter your team domain.
  6. Save and find Slack icon on the Shift Toolbar.
  7. Log in to your workspace and let the fun begin!


How to Set up Slack Notifications in Shift

Shift honors the notification settings of Slack as set by you.


  1. In Slack, click on your account name.
  2. Select 'Preferences' and tap on 'Notifications'.
  3. You can choose to receive notifications for all your messages, some or none (Note: You can choose different settings for your mobile device).
  4. You can choose notifications based on 'Keywords'.
  5. You can also activate 'Do Not Disturb' based on time.
  6. Choose the preferred sound for notification or mute it.
  7. Choose to receive notifications on your mobile device when not active on Desktop.

How to Add Multiple Slack Workspaces to Shift

Use the same steps as above to add another Slack account, then log in with your other workspace URL.

Slack tip: personalize your workspace by changing the color scheme or switching from light mode to dark mode (as shown below).

To learn more about Slack, click here.

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