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OAuth scopes and permissions in Shift
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Wondering why Shift asks for some specific permissions? Find your answers here!


Shift asks for certain permissions or "scopes" so you can use your emails in Shift. This is the OAuth authorization protocol process. When you allow Shift access to these scopes, this provides the Shift desktop application on your computer access to Google/Microsoft APIs to access your email accounts on your behalf. This access and the information within each service is strictly local to the Shift desktop application on your computer. None of the information contained in any of these services, including what is rendered within each service is ever sent to or stored on Shift's servers. Additionally, no one who works at Shift or with any of Shift's data partners can view this information, ever.



Below is some more information about the specific permissions that Shift asks for and why they are required.


Email messages and settings

This scope allows the Shift desktop application on your computer to view your email messages and settings so that you can use your email in Shift. 


See and download your calendars

This scope allows the Shift desktop application on your computer to view your Calendar. This scope is needed for the Mute Notifications feature so Shift can see when to turn off notifications based on the events scheduled in your calendar. 


What's next?

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