How to add multiple slack workspaces to Shift

Having all your Slack workspaces in one place is easy in Shift. Just follow these steps:

1. Launch Shift then click on the plus icon to “Add Application.”
2. Search and select Slack from the app directory.
3. When prompted, input the “Team Domain” and add the “Account Name”(optional).
4. Enter your e-mail and password to sign in.
5. Now, go back to the apps directory in Shift and add a secondary Slack account.
6. Log in with your other workspace URL, and voila! You now have multiple Slack workspaces in Shift. 

Note: In Shift, you can select a color for each of your accounts – mix it up so you know which workspace to open!

Check out this blog article for more information on using multiple Slack workspaces in Shift: