What does my Primary Shift Account do?

Your Primary Shift Account...well, it's kind of a big deal. It's used to identify you as the owner of your Shift account.

It also gives you access to all of your account settings, on any computer you may want to sign into. All important account updates, Shift news, and feature announcements will be sent here too.

What is a Primary Shift account? 

Your Primary Shift account is the email account (either Gmail or Outlook.com) that you use to sign into your Shift account with. 

Think of it like the key that unlocks Shift. 

Setting up your primary Shift account

When you log into Shift for the first time, you are using your Primary Shift account. 

This account can be either Gmail or Outlook.com (not Office 365). 

Each time you log out of Shift, you must log back in using the same primary account.

If you log in with the wrong primary, Shift will log you in and create a new Shift account using whatever email you logged in with. Make sure you use the correct primary email account if you have a paid account so you do not miss out on your upgraded features. 

Changing your primary Shift account

You can change your Primary Shift account by following these instructions.

1. Go to Settings > Accounts (Settings can be found by clicking on the wrench in the bottom left of the Shift interface).
2. When you go to Settings you are usually already brought to the Accounts tab.
3. Now scroll down to the account that you want to make your Primary Shift account.
4. On the far right of the screen, you will see four boxes with different options.
5. Click on the bottom right box titled: "Set as Primary Account"

If you get the following error when changing your account, it means you have another Shift account.

If you are trying to change your primary to your upgraded/paid Shift account, follow these steps: 

1. Expose your application menu (Ctrl + \ OR Cmd + \)

2. Click on "Application" in the top left-hand corner.

3. Sign out of Shift

4. Re-launch Shift

5. Log in with the primary account associated with your paid account

If you are already logged into your upgraded/paid Shift account, you can reach out to our support team to delete the extra account. Then you will be able to change your primary account. 

My domain changed for my primary Shift account

When your primary shift account changes, Shift will no longer recognize your email when logging in. 

This is because Shift recognizes the email like a key. If the key changes, Shift will not allow you to unlock your account. 

If your primary email has changed spelling or the domain has changed, please reach out to our support team so they can migrate your account. 

Any other questions? 

Reach out to our support team for assistance. We will gladly help you!