Can I add custom apps to Shift?

Currently, Shift does not support the functionality to add a custom app, but there is a workaround. Otherwise, you can browse the 700+ apps we support in the Apps Directory, or by visiting the Apps/Extensions tab in Settings

1. Go to the Apps section in Settings.

2. Search for the Jira app and click on the + button to add it to your apps menu.

3. Click on the "Use Custom URL" checkbox.

4. Add the URL for your custom app. Be sure to include the _entire_ URL**

5. Name your app and choose a color, then SAVE. Your app will appear in your sidebar with the Jira logo, and the color and name of your choice.

Please note that Shift favors integrations built by our own team, this workaround is not perfect and may not have all the functionality of running your app outside of Shift.

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  • 20-Jun-2019