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Does Shift offer a free trial?
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Short answer: Yes! Keep reading to find out how.


Want to test Shift to ensure it's right for you or your team? No problem! You can test out Shift Advanced for free without needing to pay! While a free trial does not start automatically after you create an account, all you need to do is reach out to our support team. 😍


  1. Download Shift
  2. Create a new account using any Google or Microsoft email (non-exchange)
  3. Request a free trial using our handy chatbot (click the lower-left corner of any page in our Support Center to get started) or Submit a Ticket

After you submit a request, our support team will send you a special link to start a free 7-day trial. Your trial can be started anytime (the link doesn't expire)!


After you start the trial, you'll gain full access to paid features. Check out our full breakdown of the difference between free and paid accounts here.


If you're thinking about using Shift for your team, just have each team member create a new account and reach out to request a free trial. For more information about Shift for Teams, head here.


What's next?

Ready to buy Advanced? Learn how to upgrade here


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