How to Create a Debug Log

What are Debug logs used for? 

Depending on the issue you are experiencing in Shift, our support team might ask you to produce a Debug log for them. 

This allows our team to look more deeply into any issues you are experiencing so we can find a solution. 

If you are a Windows user, you can follow the steps outlined in this video to create a Debug log: 

1. Open your app menu (Ctrl +\).
2. Click on View.
3. Click on "Show Debug Logs" at the bottom of the menu.
4. Copy the text document file with today's date.
5. Attach the file and send it to our support team in a new or existing ticket. 

For Mac and Linux users: 

1. Open your app menu (Command +\ or Ctrl +\)

2. Click on View

3. Click on Show Debug Log at the bottom of the View menu

4. Click on Copy to Clipboard

5. Paste the contents of your clipboard into a support ticket to send to our support team. 

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  • 30-Apr-2020