Why Do I Keep Getting Logged Out of My Accounts?

We know that your productivity soars when you stay in longer. After all, that is why we created Shift. 

If you find you keep getting logged out of your accounts in Shift - be it apps, extensions, or email - there are a few reasons why. 

1. Security

Shift honors the security preferences of each of our app, extension, and email partners.

👀 Signs that Security is why you keep getting logged out 

  1. Only one or a small handful of your accounts get logged out consistently.
  2. You use accounts that require a high level of security (ie. Finance apps, HR apps, etc.)

📝Steps to Fix Security Settings

  1. Check your in-app settings. You may be able to configure the login frequency in the app itself.
  2. Check your app's support center for articles on login frequency. 

2. Chromium Needs Permission (most common)

After you install Shift, sometimes Chromium brings up a dialog asking you to give it permission for it to store data.

This permission is needed because Shift is based on Chromium. If the permission is not granted, it will continue to log you out on every startup.

👀 Signs that Chromium Permissions are why you keep getting logged out 

  1. Shift is logging out all of your accounts every time. 

📝Steps to Fix the Chromium Permissions in Shift

1. Manually delete app data:

On Windows delete the following folder:

C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Local\Shift 

or in some cases it can also be found in this folder C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Shift

On Mac you will need to delete the following folder (you will need to hold down the 'Option' button and choose the 'Go' menu item in Finder):

~/Library/Application Support/Shift

Once, you have done this, re-launch Shift and log in with your Primary Shift email account.

2. Restart Shift and sign-in, and give this dialogue permission.

For more help and articles, visit the Shift Knowledge Base.