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What to do if you keep getting logged out
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Productivity soars when you stay logged in longer. If you find yourself repeatedly getting signed out of email accounts in Shift, read on for some quick troubleshooting tips that can help.


1. Sign in to Shift fully

When you add an email account to Shift, you'll be prompted to sign in with the standard Google/Microsoft OAuth. If you dismiss or "snooze this warning" without fully logging in, you won't be fully logged in to your email account and you'll repeatedly see this sign-in prompt.




2. Select "Keep me logged in"

When you sign into an email account in Shift, make sure any "keep me logged in" options are selected before logging in. If you've already signed in to an email account and are unsure if you skipped checking this box, simply delete it and then re-add the email account to Shift to trigger the sign-in message again.


3. Check cookie and data site settings

Ensure clear cookies and site data when quitting Shift is DISABLED. To check, go to Options (lower left) > Settings > Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data > Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows and ensure it is turned off (see video below). 


Cached cookies keep your email logged in and, if these are cleared, you'll need to log in to your email again the next time you access Shift.



4. Check tips from your email provider

Shift will honor whatever login settings you may have enabled with your email provider. If you're finding yourself being logged out often, we recommend reading through these tips:

5. Check app/account-specific login settings

Check the specific login settings for specific apps/accounts. Apps and websites that handle secured or sensitive information (e.g. banking, accounting, and similar apps) will automatically log out after a period of inactivity or after a set time. There is no way to change or alter this in Shift.


6. Reset your application data

Resetting your application data can help address a myriad of issues and is a go-to troubleshooting solution. Give our step-by-step instructions a try by following the guides below:

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