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What to do if you keep getting logged out
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We know that your productivity soars when you stay logged in longer. If you find yourself repeatedly getting logged out of your accounts in Shift - be it apps, extensions, or email - there may be a few reasons why.🤔

NOTE: Our development team has released a recent fix for this issue on version 7.1.13. Simply allow Shift to update (check what version you're using here) or head to our website to download the latest version.


1. Security

Shift honors the security preferences of each of our apps, extensions, and email partners. Each third-party service has its own security measures set in place to keep your data safe meaning that you may be logged out of certain apps more frequently than others. Signs that security is why you keep getting logged out:


  • Only one or a small handful of your accounts get logged out consistently
  • You use accounts that require a high level of security (e.g. finance/accounting apps, HR apps, etc.)

Below are a few quick troubleshooting tips to try:


  1. Check your in-app settings. You may be able to configure the login frequency of the app itself
  2. Check your app's support center for articles on login frequency

2. Your computer's operating system needs permission (Mac-specific)

After you install Shift, sometimes Electron (the open-source project that powers Shift) brings up a dialog asking for permission to store your data. If the permission is not granted, it will continue to log you out upon every startup. If you're getting logged out of all your accounts every time you restart Shift, try the easy steps below:


  1. Manually delete app data: hold down the 'Option' button on your keyboard and choose the 'Go' menu item in Finder. Search for ~/Library/Application Support/Shift and delete it.
  2. Restart Shift and sign-in, and give this dialogue permission

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