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How to create a support ticket in the Shift Knowledge Base

Are you experiencing issues with Shift? Have no fear, the Shift Success team is here!


You can contact us by creating a support ticket and we will respond as quickly as humanly possible. 


To create a ticket, do the following: 

1. Take a screenshot or video of the issue/bug you are experiencing. The more we understand your perspective, the quicker we can solve the problem. 


2. Navigate to and click on "Submit Ticket". Categorize your ticket so our success team can respond quickly. 

Tip: Including your primary email address and a screenshot with your request helps us address the problem more quickly.


3. Check your email. You should get an email confirmation that we have received your support request within a few hours. If not, try re-submitting your ticket again. We will do our best to respond to your request as promptly as possible. 


4. Chat with us! We are looking forward to helping you. 




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